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Additive Manufacturing is a fast growing field creating a new manufacturing philosophy. Initially it was exclusively used for prototyping. Currently, it is a new paradigm for industrial manufacturing. It is a new manufacturing environment with almost no geometrical and topological restrictions. Additionally, there is no need for manufacturing tool preparation. 

In that context the session provides an excellent forum for scientists, researchers, engineers and industrial practitioners to meet and share experiences, theoretical knowledge or application examples based on the latest trends in additive manufacturing as well as future directions and trends aimed to deal with the growing demand for new materials, geometric representation, part design, etc. 

Authors are invited to submit full papers describing original research work associated with computer representation and computational geometry solutions for different additive manufacturing born problems (arising in design, manufacturing and other kinds of product representation) in areas including, but not limited to, 

  •  computer aided design 
  •  computer model representation 
  •  tolerance analysis and representation 
  •  dimensional and geometric measurment 
  •  surface integrity of Additive Manufacturing Parts 
  •  material development 
  •  design for additive manufacturing 
  •  three dimensional packing of parts applied to additive manufacturing 
  •  finite element analysis applied to additive manufacturing 
  •  topological optimization applied to additive manufacturing 
  •  evolutionary computation in optimizing additive manufacturing processes from 3D scan to additive manufacturing 


Prof. Ahmad Barari
University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Oshawa, Canada 

Prof. Marcos de Sales Guerra Tsuzuki
University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil